$1.185 Million – Motor Vehicle Accident -Defendant Disregarded Stop Sign

Attorney Kenneth W. Elwood represented an on-duty Madison Police officer who suffered shoulder injuries and settled his case for $1.185 million on July 1, 2020.

Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck by another motorist who disregarded a stop sign. Defendant claims he pulled to the side of the road a few feet before the stop sign to text his office. The street to his left was barricaded due to a prior police emergency after completing his text Defendant proceeded into the intersection failing to observe Plaintiff’s police vehicle which was proceeding around the police barricade.

The plaintiff, a 20 year veteran of the Madison Police department, had just recovered from a prior injury to the same shoulder one year prior. Although he did not immediately complain of shoulder pain, within a week he began to experience pain and locking in the right shoulder eventually leading to three (3) surgeries over the next one and a half years.

Defendant’s orthopedic expert agreed that the plaintiff had “mild to moderate permanent disability”, but that he had resumed his prior employment.

Plaintiff’s medical expert opined that it was likely that he may require further intervention or treatment, such as a total shoulder or reverse shoulder arthroplasty He claimed lost wages and overtime of approximately $80,000.00.
He was able to return to work after each surgery, but eventually retired in January of 2020.

The case was scheduled for trial on August 24, 2020.