$350,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident / Wrongful Death

The firm represented the estate of a young man who was killed when his car was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a truck. Our client was killed when an inexperienced and untrained truck driver abruptly cut into his lane of travel from the shoulder.

The initial police investigation determined that our client was at fault for the accident. However, working with an accident reconstructionist the firm established that the police investigation was incorrect. Also, during litigation, the firm uncovered the fact that the defendant driver was never properly trained by his employer to drive a large commercial vehicle, and, that when the accident occurred the defendant’s license was suspended.

The firm also identified the fact that the defendant driver’s employer had violated several important Federal and State trucking laws which made them liable for the accident as well. Even though it was clear the plaintiff was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident, the firm was able to settle this case for $350,000 one month before trial.