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For obvious reasons, the design of fuel system components is a job that must take into account the risk of fire during automobile accidents. A poor fuel system design can turn what was an otherwise completely injury-free accident into an extremely dangerous and fatal one.

Despite the obvious risks involved, in some instances manufacturers have failed to provide car occupants with the protection against fire that they could have. Some manufacturers have failed to use valves or other devices that prevent fuel from spilling out of a gas tank when the fuel lines are broken or pulled off a tank during a collision. In other cases, manufacturers have placed fuel tanks in locations where they are directly exposed to the forces of a crash which in turn can cause an explosion or fuel-fed fire.

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Once a post-collision fuel fed fire begins, there are designs that can prevent a fire from spreading into an occupant compartment or at least slowing it from spreading so passengers can escape. For example, in vehicles where a dangerous fuel tank location cannot be changed for some reason fire-suppression systems can help prevent a fire from spreading.