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Injured in an Explosion

Burn injuries from explosions and electrocutions are some of the most devastating and traumatic injuries one can suffer. Often, there is no time to brace or prepare for an explosion; they are violent, life-changing events for the victims and their families, can leave an individual permanently injured, including scarring or disfigurement, or may even result in death.


The extent of injuries produced by an explosion can be the result of multiple factors, including the amount and type of the explosive or combustible materials involved, the presence of shrapnel or loose material that can be propelled toward a victim, the environment or setting in which the blast occurs, and, the distance between the victim and the blast. No two explosions are identical, and, the nature and extent of injuries produced can vary widely.

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Explosions can occur under a multitude of circumstances; they many involve workplace hazards where employees work with highly flammable or pressurized materials. Other explosions commonly involve:

  • Compressed gas pipelines
  • Oil pipelines
  • Oil Refineries
  • Propane tanks
  • Tanker trucks
  • Industrial accidents
  • Chemical plants
  • Unstable material explosions
  • Electrical short circuits or arching
  • Pressurized water and other tanks

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