Burn Injuries from Defective Products

Burn injuries are painful, costly as far as the medical treatment required and often result in permanent scarring and/or other disfigurement. A burn from a flame or hot object, or a scald from a hot liquid or an electrical burn from a defective product can cause permanent injuries, including nerve damage, that may affect the victim’s quality of life. When these types of injuries result from the use of a product, it is necessary to determine if the product was defective. In addition, it must be determined if the product’s instructions regarding its use, or warnings to the public regarding potential hazards were deficient. A combination of any or all of these shortcomings may result in an injury.

Have you suffered an injury because the smoke detector failed to work properly? There have been a number of recent recalls for defective smoke or fire alarms as well as for household appliances that were manufactured overseas in countries such as China. If you were burned by a defective appliance that was manufactured overseas, you may be able to, with the assistance of experienced legal counsel, prove that the product’s defects caused your injuries, and that the product was not fit for the purpose intended.

If you have suffered a burn or any other type of injury, you should seek appropriate medical attention. Your medical records serve as proof of your injuries and how you received them.

It is also advisable to preserve the defective product for a full inspection (do not throw it away or send it back to the manufacturer or distributor). If it is an auto product, do not get the vehicle repaired until after consulting with experienced legal counsel. You should also do some internet research if possible to determine if others have experienced a similar issue with that particular product, or if the product has been recalled.

It is important that you keep records of your financial losses since suffering the burn injury or any injury, and that you refrain if at all possible from directly speaking or negotiating with the manufacturer’s representatives about the incident.

One of the many reasons why burn injuries are so devastating is because they are difficult and expensive to treat. Victims may require lengthy hospitalization and multiple surgeries, and you may want to pursue financial compensation surrounding these issues. Monetary recovery for injuries and damages stemming from the use of a product, including physical deformities, medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages, will require you to file appropriate claims against those entities responsible (including manufacturers and distributors of the product or products).

If you have suffered burn injuries or any injury as the result of a defective product, or even because of shortcomings in a products instructions and/or warnings, please contact the experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari to discuss your potential claim at absolutely no cost.

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