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It is always important to “play by the rules”. In business, sporting events, schooling, etc., playing by the rules is considered fair, ethical and reasonable. When it comes to medical care, if a physician fails to play by the rules, or deviates from the rules, it can adversely affect a patient’s health.

The “rules” of medical care are known as the standards of care. These standards of care are accepted within the medical community as what would be considered reasonable care and treatment. Departing from those standards would not be reasonable, could jeopardize a patient’s health or life, and, would be considered medical negligence or malpractice. If a physician commits medical malpractice which results in a permanent injury, monetary damages may be sought to compensate the injured patient and their family for their losses.

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It should be kept in mind, that in New Jersey, there are hospitals and other healthcare facilities that are affiliated with the State of New Jersey and/or other municipal entities. Many physicians who work at these hospitals (especially residents) are therefore also state-affiliated healthcare workers. There are strict lime limitations governing when one must give notice of their intention to file a lawsuit against such physicians. For more information, click here: Statutes of Limitations.


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Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Physician Malpractice

FAQ: How much does it cost to hire a physician malpractice lawyer?

Our New Jersey lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means the cost depends on the results of your physician malpractice case. Your lawyer will take a percentage of what is awarded to you if your case is won. Our firm also offers a free initial consultation to discuss the matters of your case and any other costs associated with hiring an attorney.

FAQ: What to do when you suffer from physician malpractice?

If you believe you’ve been the victim of physician malpractice, one of the first things you should do is change doctors and collect your medical records. Once you believe you have a case, contact the experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Blume Forte. Hiring a lawyer will help you to recover any damages you may have lost.

FAQ: What is the average physician malpractice case worth?

To know the worth of your case you must calculate your damages. Those damages include:

Non-economic damages:

– pain and suffering
– loss of enjoyment of life
– emotional distress

Economic damages:

– loss of wages
– hospital expenses
– lost earning capacity

Punitive damages can also be awarded if the physician was aware of the risks and still took negligent actions. It can be difficult to know what’s eligible for compensation. To help you better understand, speak with a skilled physician malpractice lawyer. They will also be able to give you an estimate of your case’s worth.