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Compassionate Attorneys Help Injury Victims Recover Compensation and Justice from At-Fault Parties in Somerville, NJ

When you or a loved one have been injured through no fault of your own, you deserve to seek compensation from those responsible for your injuries and to obtain financial recovery for the damages caused by your injuries, including medical expenses, lost income, or pain and suffering. Pursuing a personal injury claim for compensation can be a difficult process, especially when all your time and energy are focused on your physical and emotional recovery. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process of seeking compensation for your injuries alone. At Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, our Somerville personal injury lawyers help clients obtain financial compensation for their injuries caused by the negligence or recklessness of others. We are proud of our track record of results we’ve obtained for clients, having secured over $320 million in compensation for our clients. Our firm has obtained more million-dollar and multi-million dollar personal injury recoveries than any other personal injury firm in the state of New Jersey, including settlements and verdicts exceeding $45 million

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Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

At Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, our Somerville personal injury attorneys have experience handling a wide range of cases involving injury to our clients through no fault of their own, including:

Our personal injury attorneys are also highly experienced in handling complex medical malpractice cases, including those arising from delayed diagnosis/misdiagnosis, birth injuries, surgical errors, medication errors, emergency room errors, hospital negligence, hospital-acquired infections, nursing malpractice, physician malpractice, opioid prescription malpractice and more.

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Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari Fights for the Rights of Clients Injured Through No Fault of Their Own

After you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence or recklessness or willful acts of another party, the Somerville personal injury attorneys of Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari can help you to secure the financial compensation you need to recover from your injuries. Our firm helps clients pursue their case by:

  • Investigating our client’s accident and injuries to determine how the accident occurred, identify the party or parties at fault for the accident, and secure evidence necessary to build a strong, persuasive legal case
  • Working with experts, such as accident reconstruction experts, engineers, medical experts, and financial experts to help us develop a strong legal argument to establish the other party’s liability and the financial damages that you deserve compensation for
  • Helping you document your damages through medical bills, calculating your lost income, and securing testimony about your pain and suffering
  • Aggressively negotiating with the insurance companies to secure a fair and full settlement of our client’s claim, not settling for anything less simply to resolve the case and move on
  • Preparing to take our client’s case to trial, if it becomes necessary, including timely and properly filing all court documents and vigorously advocating for our client before the judge and jury

When you hire Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari to represent you in your personal injury case, you can be assured that we will leave no stone unturned in getting you the best possible outcome in your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury in Somerville, NJ

FAQ: What kind of compensation can I receive in a personal injury claim?

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to receive compensation for damages you’ve incurred as a result of your injuries, including past, ongoing, and future medical treatment expenses, costs of long-term personal care, costs incurred to help you accommodate disabilities caused by your injuries, wages lost for missed work while you recover from your injuries, lost earning capacity if you cannot return to your pre-injury job, and lost quality of life and pain and suffering. If you experienced property damage in the accident or incident that caused your injuries, you may be compensated for that as well. Finally, if you were injured by egregious or wanton conduct, you may also be entitled to punitive damages at trial.

FAQ: How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?

In New Jersey, you typically have two years from the date of your injury to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for personal injury. Under certain circumstances, this period may be extended, such as if the injured victim is a minor, or if the injured person is unaware of the facts and circumstances giving rise to his or her claim (for example, if a person suffers a negative prognosis from medical treatment but does not initially know that his or her harm was caused by medical malpractice). In addition, if you have a personal injury claim against the government, you have an even shorter period of time in which to provide the government with notice of your claim. If you don’t timely file your lawsuit or give notice, your claim can be permanently dismissed.