Charles Blume 1904-1963: A LEGACY

Charles Blume

At the beginning of the Great Depression, John Blume’s father began his practice of law by opening his office at 11 Commerce Street in Newark, NJ.

Charles Blume attended the University of Newark Law School at night, graduating in 1929 at the age of 25. He developed a small, successful law practice representing commercial clients. After John Blume joined Charles, the Father and Son Partnership thrived for nearly four years. During this time, the firm handled commercial matters and minor criminal defense cases, as well as occasional personal injury cases.

John Blume remembers well the largest fee his father ever earned – $15,000 – which paid for the home where John and his sister grew up. If Charles Blume had lived to 1997, he would have seen his son earn a jury award of over $8 Million in a medical malpractice case and $10.5 Million settlement in a wrongful death auto case. A successful legacy indeed.