NJ Machinery Accident Attorneys

Injured in an Equipment or Machinery Accident?

Heavy machinery and equipment is required to carry out a wide range of construction projects and industrial work. Similarly, machinery is needed for material handling, woodworking, and metal work. Heavy machinery can weigh tons and the devices utilized in machinery work itself can weigh hundreds of pounds, and both require specialized training for operation and care. Even though workers are required to such training, serious machinery accidents in New Jersey continue to occur, and are often the result of inadequate training, unsafe working conditions and negligence on the part of contractors and subcontractors.

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Common machinery accidents often involve equipment or tool malfunction, misuse, or failure. As a result, New Jersey crane accidents, bulldozer accidents, loader accidents, skid steer accidents, and back loader accidents are not unusual. Regardless of the type of tool or machine, accidents involving heavy equipment are commonly disastrous, and can cause death, brain injury, face and body disfigurement, loss of limbs, paralysis, fractures, and severe burns.

When a construction worker is harmed by machinery while on the job, his or her life can be greatly affected by the financial burdens associated with catastrophic injuries and the resultant cost of medical care and loss of income. Occasionally, injuries sustained in machinery accidents prevent a worker from ever being able to return to the same type of occupation. The financial burdens and detrimental effects on a worker’s family can be even greater when an employee is killed in a machinery accident. Unfortunately, with proper precautions and training, most of these accidents, and the losses suffered by workers and their families, can be avoided.

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