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When you have been hurt in a car accident that was caused because someone else was negligent, you want justice. You want to hold that other at-fault driver responsible for your injuries and other losses. To do so, you need a car accident attorney who is experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable. 

The car accident attorneys at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari have been advocating on behalf of accident victims since 1963. Our legal team possesses in-depth knowledge of New Jersey’s personal injury law and decades of experience handling all types of car accident claims. We are by your side every step of the way, answering your questions, explaining the process, and protecting your rights. 

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Bayonne Car Accident Victims Can Recover Compensation Under Personal Injury Law 

Personal injury law is a broad area of law that provides protection to accident victims when they have been hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault. Negligence is the basis for all personal injury claims — without demonstrated negligence on the part of the at-fault party, there is no protection under personal injury law. In those cases, an accident is just an accident.

Negligence in a car accident is not always easy to prove, in spite of the fact that it may seem obvious to you. In many cases, the other driver will argue that you are at least somewhat responsible for the accident. 

Negligence is often demonstrated in car accidents in the following ways: driving recklessly, speeding, rapidly cutting in and out of lanes, texting while driving, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), not obeying traffic symbols, and ignoring standard safety measures. To determine whether you have sufficient evidence to prove negligence in a car accident claim, it is best to consult with an experienced car accident attorney. 

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What Happens If I Am Partly At Fault For My Bayonne Car Accident? 

If it is determined that you are at least partly responsible for your car accident, then special rules apply. New Jersey is a modified comparative fault state. Under modified comparative fault rules, when more than one person is deemed at fault for an accident, the compensation they may receive will be reduced by an amount that reflects their share of the blame. 

For example, if it is determined that you share 20 percent of the responsibility for your car accident, then the compensation you may receive will be reduced by 20 percent. So, a damage award of $8,000 will be reduced by 20 percent, down to $6,400. If, however, you are more than 50 percent responsible for the car accident, you may not recover any compensation from the other at fault parties. 

Compensation You May Receive For Your Bayonne Car Accident Injuries 

When you file a personal injury claim for an accident that occurred because someone else was negligent, you may seek compensatory damages for the injuries that you sustained as well as other losses. Specifically, you may seek to recover compensation for any of the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses that are a result of the car accident
  • Hospital bills 
  • Cost of surgical procedures
  • Lab tests
  • X-rays, and other imaging tests 
  • Rehabilitative treatment
  • Prescription drugs 
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of income  
  • Lost earned sick time   
  • Lost earned vacation time   
  • Loss of future earning capacity   
  • Loss of quality of life  

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About Bayonne, New Jersey

Bayonne, New Jersey is located in northeastern New Jersey, in Hudson County. Situated in the Gateway region, the city of Bayonne rests on a three-mile peninsula that is located between Newark Bay and New York Bay. A bridge over the Kill Van Kull connects Bayonne with Staten Island and New York City.

Bayonne, home to 66,400 residents, was settled by the Dutch in 1646 and was incorporated as a city in 1869. Bayonne was renowned for its yacht building from 1850 until World War I. Bayonne has been a center for oil refining since 1875, and now serves as the northern terminus for several pipeline systems. Bayonne is home to extensive docks and shipyards along its nine-mile waterfront.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bayonne Car Accidents

FAQ: How much does it cost to hire a car accident lawyer?

Hiring a car accident lawyer from Blume Forte will cost you a percentage of the amount the firm recovers for you through a settlement or other resolution to your claim. This means there are no upfront costs for you to pay. Contact one of our car accident lawyers to discuss other possible costs associated with hiring a lawyer.

FAQ: What to do when a car accident happens to you?

The steps you take after being involved in a car accident are important. First and foremost, call 911 for help immediately. When the police arrive, they will document the details of your car accident and the medical responders will tend to your injuries. When possible, you should also do the following: 

– Determine if anyone else was injured and whether they require immediate medical assistance
– Take photos and videos of the scene of the accident, including the vehicles involved, any damage to the vehicles, the car license plates, traffic signs, road conditions, weather conditions, and surroundings. It is also helpful to take photos of your physical injuries
– Obtain contact information from the other drivers including their insurance information 
– Obtain the contact information from any witnesses to the accident 
– Notify your car insurance company of the accident 
– Consult with an experienced car accident attorney who will explain your rights and evaluate your car accident claim 

FAQ: What is the average car accident case worth?

When figuring out the worth of your car accident case you have to look at your damages. Compensatory damages are designed to restore the injured victim to the condition they were in prior to the accident. They are not designed to punish the at-fault party. The value of some losses, such as a medical bill, is easily determined. Other losses, such as loss of quality of life, are immeasurable. In those instances, the court will assign an estimated value.