New Jersey Welding Accident Lawyers

Welding Accidents and Injuries

In the manufacturing and construction industries, welding is often required for a variety of projects in which metal materials are joined through the application of heat at extremely high melting points. Although the process of welding on construction sites is regulated by laws, welding remains a dangerous job that injures an estimated 500,000 employees annually.

Examples of welding include electron beam, resistance, forge, oxy-fuel, laser beam, and electric arc welding. Regardless of the type, welding can be unsafe and dangerous, resulting in serious injury or death when the appropriate safety measures are not followed. Welding accident injuries can occur from inhalation of toxic fumes, such as zinc oxide, when galvanized metal is cut or welded. Other injuries typically associated with welding accidents include burns that can damage internal organs, eyes, lungs, and the skin. Harsh burns can require intensive medical treatment and surgery, the most severe of which can create a permanent disability for a worker. If a worker loses his or her sight from a burn, this disability will not only affect his or her activities of daily living, but also the worker’s ability to support oneself and his or her family.

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Whether a New Jersey welding accident injury was caused by welding equipment failure, user error, or improper instruction and training, the fact remains that the law requires that a safe work environment must be provided. Investigations of welding accidents in the workplace often reveal that, with proper precautions and safeguards, most such accidents could have been avoided. When contractors and companies fail to create a safe working environment for those who are welding, the victims of welding accidents may be able to seek compensation for their physical injuries and treatment, and the other life-altering costs associated with their injuries.

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