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In New Jersey, as in other states, those who have been injured due to the negligent or wrongful acts of their treating healthcare professionals — physician, surgeon, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist, radiologist, or other relevant party — are entitled to recover damages pursuant to a medical malpractice claim.

Medical malpractice claims in Jersey City often turn on the “standard of care” issue. If a treating healthcare professional fails to satisfy the applicable standard of care (given the circumstances), and you sustain an injury as a consequence of that failure, then you may have an actionable medical malpractice claim in New Jersey.

The standard of care can vary significantly from case to case, as it is highly dependent on the particular circumstances of the case. For example, the standard of care will be less strict for a young surgeon in a rural area without access advanced equipment and resources, whereas the standard of care for an experienced surgeon working for a large hospital in Jersey City will almost certainly be stricter.

Scenarios that may indicate a violation of the standard of care, and that thus may implicate medical malpractice liability, include:

  • Diagnosis errors.
  • Failure to effectively coordinate with other healthcare professionals.
  • Failure to properly sanitize equipment and maintain a safe treatment environment.
  • Medication errors (i.e., excessive amount, improper procedure, etc.).
  • Failure to inform patient of serious risks of procedure.
  • Surgical errors.
  • Failure to enforce treatment plan and follow up with patient.
  • And more.

What Makes Blume Forte a Great Choice for Your Jersey City Medical Malpractice Case?

There are a number of quality firms to choose from in New Jersey. As such, it’s perfectly understandable that injured plaintiffs have trouble deciding on which firm to partner with as they move forward with litigation.

Here at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, we believe that past results speak volumes about a firm’s ability to assist you in securing the compensation you deserve for your Jersey City medical malpractice claim. If you are looking to partner with an experienced team of Jersey City medical malpractice attorneys who have an extensive track record of success in securing favorable verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients, we encourage you to contact our firm for a free case evaluation today.

Blume Forte has been providing cutting-edge legal representation to injured plaintiffs in New Jersey for nearly a century. Over the years, we have been recognized by various national and regional publications for our fierce and effective advocacy. In fact, the National Law Journal reported that our firm is the most successful medical malpractice plaintiff’s firm in the state of New Jersey.

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Have you suffered injuries due to the negligence or wrongful misconduct of a medical professional, such as a physician or a nurse, in Jersey City, NJ? New Jersey law gives medical malpractice plaintiffs the right to sue and recover damages as compensation for the injuries they sustained as a result of medical malpractice.

Although your Jersey City medical malpractice claim may be legitimate and actionable, it’s important to note that litigation can be complicated by various factors, such as the hostility of the defendant, the ambiguity of the evidence at issue, or the testimony of expert witnesses. Success in the medical malpractice litigation context does not necessarily come easy.

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About Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City is the second-largest city in the state of New Jersey, by population, just behind the city of Newark. Jersey City is located in northeastern New Jersey, along the west bank of the Hudson River and opposite Manhattan. In many ways, Jersey City is something of a “miniature” New York City, and the architecture — red brick warehouses, classic brownstone apartments, and historic waterfront — are quite reminiscent of its larger cousin across the Hudson River.

Although Jersey City began to decline over the course of the 20th century, it has seen a revival in stature over the past few decades, with significant population growth and new development across the downtown areas of the city. Many tech companies and finance firms have started to open offices in Jersey City, too, in part drawn by infrastructure improvements and in part drawn by the availability of high-skilled workers.

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