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Injured Due to Improper or Inadequate Informed Consent?

In order for a patient to ensure that he or she receives proper and adequate medical care, they need to be well informed with regard to their condition, potential treatment options, and, of the consequences of treatment and non-treatment.

When a healthcare provider suggests that a patient requires treatment for any particular condition, it is incumbent upon that healthcare provider to discuss the condition as well as the risks, consequences, and potential hazards of any proposed treatment. In addition, the healthcare provider should discuss any available acceptable alternatives to the proposed treatment, and, should communicate with the patient regarding the risks and benefits of those alternatives.

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The proper dissemination of information to a patient prior to surgery or other treatment is called Informed Consent, and it allows the patient to play a more active role in his or her treatment. Informed consent also plays an important role during pregnancy, and, a parents right to know the results of standard and necessary prenatal testing is vital to their ability to make decisions regarding both their and their child’s futures.

The offering of complete and accurate information to a patient is, in fact, required by the accepted customs, standards, and practices of the medical community; and a failure to impart such information may constitute actionable medical negligence if it results in harm to the patient.


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