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When you think of abuse of a loved one, your first thought might be the physical abuse that a loved one could sustain at the hands of another party. Warning signs in your eyes might mean aspects like scratches, unexplained bruises, and more. However, another type of abuse takes place in elderly patients in nursing care facilities every year as well – emotional abuse.

Unfortunately, even though we want what is best for our elderly loved ones, this does not always come standard in nursing home facilities who promise to care for our loved ones to the best of their ability. The incidence of elderly abuse has been around for quite some time even though it is sometimes publicly hidden from us. Elder abuse remains to be a private manner in many cases and happens behind our backs, making it difficult to identify when it is happening.

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Many people believe that emotional abuse only happens when a caretaker is screaming at a loved one or calling them degrading names, but it can happen in nonverbal ways as well, making it particularly dangerous. If a caretaker is causing your loved one emotional harm or anguish, they are engaging in this horrific type of abuse that can be prevented and should always be investigated by outside sources when it is believed to be happening. Emotional abuse can be a long-lasting type of abuse that leaves a huge impact on your loved one and can cause a lasting damage that never fades.

How Does Emotional Abuse Take Place in Nursing Home Settings?

When a loved one falls victim to emotional abuse at the hands of a caretaker, they could be left with a variety of emotions including sadness, anxiety, fear of their caretaker, and more. Though physical abuse tends to be easily observed, emotional abuse is not as easy to see with our eyes, which is why we must pay close attention to our loved ones, what they say, and if their actions change over time. Many types of emotional abuse might not be identified right off the bat, which leads to these actions continuing to take place behind our backs. They might be subtle and hard to discern, which can leave your loved one in a difficult position as they endure the abuse.
Here are some types of emotional abuse that can affect a patient in New Jersey nursing homes:

  • Intimidation and threats made against a patient
  • Ridiculing and calling a patient derogatory names
  • Making a patient feel guilty about the care that is given to them
  • Yelling or shouting at a patient to degrade or scare them
  • Ignoring a patient and making them feel isolated
  • Isolating a loved one from friends and family
  • Preventing an elderly patient from participation in activities
  • Terrorizing a patient
  • Threatening to withhold food and drinks from a patient

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What Are Signs to Watch Out for When You Believe a Loved One Has Fallen Victim?

One of the most helpful things that you can do if you believe that a loved one has fallen victim to emotional abuse is to watch the actions of your loved one when you are in their presence. This is sometimes not easy to do, especially because it is not unheard of for elderly patients to feel depression that is not caused by this type of abuse. Here are some indicators to watch out for that might point in the direction of emotional abuse:

  • Feelings of depression and withdrawing oneself from usual activities
  • A refusal to speak to others
  • Sudden changes in activities and behavior by your loved one
  • Higher feelings of agitation
  • Excessive fear or nervousness, especially when a caretaker is around
  • Unusual behavior such as rocking or biting

The effects of emotional abuse might turn from emotional to physical in nature. If a victim is feeling depressed, they might start to exhibit anxious behaviors. This is prevalent in cases where the person is feeling excessively stressed or stops eating because they are so nervous. Sometimes a loved one might lack their necessary sleep, lose sudden weight, refuse to eat and take medications, or have an increased risk of infection as their stress increases.

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Emotional abuse is a serious aspect that takes place in too many nursing homes across New Jersey each day, causing serious harm to those involved. If you believe that a loved one has fallen victim to repeated acts of emotional abuse and it is causing significant harm, it might be time to speak with a legal professional about where you can turn. An investigation into this matter will take place immediately and you can be assured that your loved one will no longer fall victim to this horrific abuse and the drastic effects it can cause. Please contact us at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari to find out what we can do for you by filling out our brief online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Home Emotional Abuse

FAQ: Why do instances of emotional abuse tend to happen in nursing home settings?

In most cases, emotional abuse by staff takes place due to poor staff training that does not train staff on how to deal with certain behaviors, burnout by caregivers, inadequate staffing, and employment of those who prey on the elderly. In almost all cases, these incidents can be prevented when nursing homes work to give the elderly the best care available.

FAQ: How do I protect my loved one immediately if I suspect abuse has occurred?

It is extremely helpful to speak with an attorney. However, the first step you should take is to remove your loved one from the setting while you work with police and an investigation ensues. This will ensure that your loved one is out of the abusive setting and away from those who caused it.