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Slip and fall accidents are fairly routine. But that does not mean that the injuries sustained in a slip and fall are necessarily minor. And it does not mean that injured victims should suffer in silence. 

Personal injury law is designed to protect those that have been harmed in accidents that were caused by someone else’s negligent behavior. And the personal injury team at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured victims and advocating on their behalf. Our firm is recognized as one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the state of New Jersey, and we have recovered more verdicts and settlements over one million dollars than any other law firm in the Garden State. 

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Is There A Legal Deadline For Filing A Clifton Slip And Fall Accident Claim? 

Yes. Every state has legal deadlines for filing claims in the state’s civil court system. These deadlines are known as “statutes of limitations”.  Statutes of limitations vary from state to state, and also differ depending upon the type of claim that is being filed. 

For personal injury claims, New Jersey’s statute of limitations is two years from the time the accident occurred. This is a very important time frame. If a slip and fall accident victim fails to file their personal injury claim in the New Jersey court within two years, then the court may dismiss the case. If this should happen, then the injured party will have lost their opportunity to recover any damages for their slip and fall accident. 

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The Property Owner Says I Am To Blame For My Clifton Slip And Fall Accident. Can I Still Recover Compensation? 

When there has been a slip and fall accident, it is not uncommon for the property owner to argue that the injured person was to blame for their accident. And this may or may not be true.

Negligence is the basis for all personal injury claims; otherwise an accident is merely an accident. Proving negligence is often challenging, and it is best to discuss your slip and fall accident with an experienced personal injury attorney who can speak to your situation. 

If it is determined that you did, in fact, share some level of responsibility for your slip and fall accident, then New Jersey’s “modified comparative fault” rules will apply. These special rules state that the compensation you may recover for your slip and fall accident injuries will be reduced by an amount that reflects your share of responsibility for the accident. 

New Jersey’s modified comparative fault rules sound complicated but they are, in fact, fairly straightforward. Consider the following scenario: your damage award for your slip and fall accident is $25,000. But it is determined that you share 30 percent of the responsibility for the slip and fall. Under New Jersey’s modified comparative fault rules, your total compensation will be reduced by 30 percent, which reflects your share of blame for the accident. So your damage award of $25,000 will be reduced by 30 percent — which is $7,5000 — to $17,500.

One Of New Jersey’s Most Successful Personal Injury Law Firms Offers Free Case Evaluations To Clifton Slip And Fall Accident Victims 

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Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari was founded in Newark in 1929, and now has offices in four convenient New Jersey locations: Chatham, Jersey City, North Bergen, and Sea Girt. 

About Clifton, New Jersey

The city of Clifton, New Jersey is located in the northeastern part of the state, in Passaic County. Incorporated as a city in 1917, Clifton rests along the banks of the Passaic River and is situated just 10 miles west of New York City. Clifton is home to approximately 84,000 residents and is located in a heavily industrialized area. Clifton’s manufacturing sector includes production of textiles, steel, electrical products, chemicals, plastics, and paper products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clifton Slip And Fall Accidents

FAQ: How much does it cost to hire an AOP lawyer?

The cost to hire a slip and fall lawyer will differ for everyone. The Clifton attorneys at Blume Forte work on a contingency basis. They will get paid a percentage of what your awarded for your claim. This means you won’t have to worry about paying anything upfront, and it also aligns your lawyer’s goal with your goal: to get the most money for your claim. Our firm also offers a free initial case review where you can discuss the details of the case with your lawyer.

FAQ: What to do when an AOP accident happens to you?

Getting injured in a slip and fall accident can be scary, but it’s important to take the following steps to ensure the at-fault party is held responsible.

1. Alert the owner of the property that the accident took place. If necessary, take photos and videos of the scene to document it.
2. Seek immediate medical attention because your health is the number one priority. Some injuries may not be apparent at first so don’t delay getting checked.
3. If this accident was caused by a negligent person, contact an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer. Do this as soon as possible because property owners could hide evidence that could help your claim.

FAQ: What is the average slip and fall case worth?

New Jersey’s personal injury laws protect those individuals that have suffered harm in an accident that was someone else’s fault. If a slip and fall accident was caused by another person or entity’s negligence, then the accident victim may file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for their injuries and other losses. 

These losses are known in legal terms as “ damages”, and they may include —  but are not limited to — any of the following:

– Expenses for medical treatment
– Future anticipated expenses for medical treatment that is a result of the accident 
– Hospital bills
– Emergency room bills
– Expenses for prescription drugs 
– Cost of surgical procedures
– Cost of imaging tests including X-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs
– Rehabilitative treatment costs
– Emotional pain and suffering
– Mental anguish
– Loss of earned vacation time
– Loss of earned sick time
– Loss of income due to time away from work
– Loss of enjoyment in life 
– Loss of companionship

When evaluating the totality of the losses that a slip and fall accident victim has sustained, the New Jersey court will assign a monetary value to those losses that are immeasurable. Immeasurable losses include the loss of one’s life enjoyment, loss of companionship in life, and emotional pain and suffering. 

It is important to understand that compensatory damages are not intended to punish the negligent party. Instead, compensatory damages are designed to return the injured party to the condition that they were in prior to the slip and fall accident.