Personal Injury Lawyers Chatham, NJ

Successfully litigating a personal injury claim — in Chatham, New Jersey and elsewhere — demands more than proving that the defendant is liable. Proving liability is merely the first step. If you have suffered losses totaling $1 million, for example, then your attorney must be capable of aggressively advocating on your behalf to ensure that you obtain the maximum compensation available. As such, choosing the “right” attorney for your Chatham personal injury case is important. There is an immense difference between an inexperienced attorney and an experienced attorney with a passionate support staff assisting throughout the litigation process.

Here at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, we understand the contours of personal injury litigation in Chatham, New Jersey, as well as the little intricacies that can sometimes decide the direction that a case will take. If you have been injured due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of another person or entity in Chatham, NJ, then you may be able to seek damages under New Jersey law. We encourage you to contact our firm today to speak to a skilled Chatham personal injury attorney for further guidance.

We Can Represent You in a Variety of Chatham Personal Injury Lawsuits

Our firm has nearly a century of experience, and, as a result, we are well equipped to litigate nearly any personal injury claim in Chatham, New Jersey. It is unlikely that your case will “surprise” us — and that’s a good thing. We will bring to bear the combined experiences of our Chatham personal injury attorneys on your behalf.

We handle Chatham personal injury claims that include:

Every case is different, so personalized representation is fundamental to litigation. What may appear to be a straightforward injury claim could be complicated by unique issues involving shared liability, pre-existing injuries, and more. As such, injured plaintiffs in Chatham, NJ should try not to make too many assumptions about their claims before approaching a qualified attorney. Your attorney will investigate the case more thoroughly and identify any potential issues.

Contact Our Experienced Team of Chatham Personal Injury Attorneys for Assistance

Blume Forte was founded in 1929 and has maintained a reputation as a top plaintiff’s-side litigation firm since that time. Our consistent success is no accident — we are a results-focused firm with a genuine commitment to our clients and their needs. We understand that personal injury litigation in Chatham, NJ can be challenging, confusing, and emotionally trying. As such, we keep our clients engaged and informed throughout the process to ensure that we have the details necessary to persuasively advocate on their behalf.

We have obtained numerous multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients, some of which are record-breaking. In fact, in 2003, we broke a historical record for personal injury settlements in New Jersey with a $25 million dollar settlement in a lawsuit involving a premises liability dispute.

If you have been injured due to the fault of another and you believe that you may have an actionable claim, it’s important that you get in touch with an experienced Chatham personal injury attorney who can fully evaluate your case. Contact our Chatham office to schedule a free consultation with an attorney here at Blume Forte today.

Chatham, NJ Details

Chatham Borough — or simply, Chatham — has roughly 9,000 people and is located in Morris County in the northeast of New Jersey, less than 25 miles west of New York City. Thanks to its location, Chatham is fairly well connected to other metro areas, including Jersey City and New York City (with direct train lines and roadways into the heart of NYC).

Chatham has become a hub for upper-middle class professionals and their families looking to escape the cloistered atmosphere of the city and settle down in a quiet suburb with top-notch public infrastructure. The borough has been rated among the best cities to live in America by numerous publications and media outlets over the past two decades, including CNN, Money Magazine, and Business Insider.

Here at Blume Forte, we operate four offices in New Jersey to better serve our clients and to make attorney-client engagement more convenient for all involved. Our primary office is located at One Main Street in Chatham, NJ. If you would like to speak to one of our Chatham personal injury lawyers, call our office directly or email us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chatham Personal Injury

FAQ: How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?

When you’re already stressed about deductibles and copays, replacing your car, or being out of work, you may be nervous about the expense of hiring a lawyer. Fortunately, lawyers for personal injury matters operate on a very different payment structure than lawyers for other matters. Our Chatham personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means we get a percentage of what is awarded to you. Blume Forte also offers a free initial consultation to discuss your case in further detail.

FAQ: What to do when a personal injury accident happens to you?

There are many different scenarios for personal injury accidents. The most important thing to do when your injured is to seek immediate medical attention. You always want to tend to your injuries first, especially if they are life-threatening. If it is some kind of motor vehicle accident you should also contact the police right away. If there are witnesses to the accident collect their contact information. Also, collect the contact information of the person responsible for your accident. Lastly, if you want to take legal action, contact a skilled personal injury lawyer.

FAQ: What is the average personal injury case worth?

There is a lot that goes into estimating the worth of your case. The biggest factor that you need to look at is your damages. Some of these include:

– Medical bills
– Future medical expenses that are a result of the car accident 
– Surgical procedures
– Lab tests
– Rehabilitative treatment
– Prescription drugs 
– Emotional pain and suffering
– Loss of income  
– Lost earned sick time   
– Lost earned vacation time   
– Loss of future earning capacity   
– Loss of quality of life  

There is a wide range of damages that may have affected you depending on your injuries and recovery time. Speaking with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can help give you clarification on the worth of your case.