Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Chatham, NJ

Although the cities and towns in northeast New Jersey — including Chatham — are well connected by public transportation, the truth is that America is undeniably a “car culture,” and as such, motor vehicle accidents are common. The statistics bear this generality out. According to a study conducted by the National Safety Council and reported on by USA Today, there were 40,100 motor vehicle deaths in 2017 alone.

If you have sustained an injury in a Chatham motor vehicle accident due to the fault of another person or entity, then you may have an actionable claim for damages under New Jersey law. The attorneys here at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari have experience handling motor vehicle accident claims in New Jersey and are particularly well equipped to secure maximum compensation on your behalf. Get in touch with our Chatham office today for a free consultation.

Our Chatham Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys Handle a Wide Range of Claims

Motor vehicle accidents encompass a wide range of claims due to the diversity of circumstances underlying many such accidents. We have experience handling motor vehicle accident claims that involve:

Although there are some shared principles of liability among different types of vehicle accidents, it’s important to note that the differences can be significant (in some cases). For example, if you have been injured in an accident involving a delivery truck, you may have a claim against the negligent truck driver and their employer under the theory of vicarious liability.

Further investigation into the cause of an accident may lead to unexpected defendants, too. In some cases, the negligent driver is simply one of many liable parties — if you or the defendant’s vehicle was defective in some way, for example, then you may have an actionable claim to bring against the manufacturer of the vehicle (or defective part) under product liability law. Similarly, a defective roadway could expose the municipality to substantial liability for your injuries.

Novice attorneys are not always comfortable with litigating claims against such a wide variety of defendants. Here at Blume Forte, however, our extensive experience gives us a competitive advantage when handling Chatham auto accident cases.

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Blume Forte was founded in 1929, and for nearly a century, our attorneys have served as aggressive legal advocates for injured clients in New Jersey, including those involved in motor vehicle accidents in Chatham, NJ. We currently operate four offices throughout the state of New Jersey — in Chatham, Jersey City, North Bergen, and Sea Girt — and have over 60 staff in total, including more than a dozen attorneys.

Our history is not the only proof of our ability to provide effective representation, however. We have obtained substantial, multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients, and legal publications have recognized our exceptional legal service.

If you have been injured in a Chatham motor vehicle accident due to the fault of another, call our Chatham office or submit an online claim form to connect to an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney here at Blume Forte. Consultation is free.

About Chatham, NJ

Chatham is a small borough of 8,962 people, located in Morris County in northeastern New Jersey. Chatham is just 24 miles west of New York City and is connected by a direct rail line to the heart of the city, making the borough a popular destination for professionals and other high-earners looking to move out of NYC to establish a family. Due to its strategic location, however, there are a high volume of commuters on local roadways, exposing drivers to a somewhat heightened risk of injury.

Chatham has a long history stretching back many years to various clans of the Lenape Indian tribes. After the Dutch claimed the land, the British eventually fought and secured the land from their possession. Modern Chatham was thereafter settled in 1710, but it was not formally incorporated until 1897.

In recent decades, Chatham has made it onto numerous lists for “the Best Place to Live in America,” from CNN, Money Magazine, and Business Insider. Media outlets have praised Chatham’s extensive green spaces, diversity of recreational activity, and historic atmosphere.

Here at Blume Forte, we have four offices throughout New Jersey. We operate our primary office at One Main Street in downtown Chatham. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Chatham, NJ, our Chatham personal injury attorneys can evaluate your claims and help you understand the process for moving forward. Call or email today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chatham Motor Vehicle Accidents

FAQ: How much does it cost to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer?

The Chatham motor vehicle lawyers work on a contingency basis. Your lawyer will get a percentage of the amount the firm recovers for you through a settlement, mediation, jury award, or other resolution to your claim. Our firm also offers a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your claim. During the consultation, your lawyer will let you know about any other fees and costs associated with hiring a lawyer.

FAQ: What to do when a motor vehicle accident happens to you?

If you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident in Chatham there are a few steps you should take to ensure your safety. Always call the police and wait for them to arrive on the scene. Having a police report is important if you wish to file a lawsuit down the road. Collect evidence from the accident by taking pictures and videos of the wreck. After the accident, you should seek medical attention regardless of how severe you think your injuries are. Many motor vehicle accident injuries can show up days later. If you believe someone else’s negligence was the cause of your accident, contact a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer to help you with your case. 

FAQ: What is the average motor vehicle accident case worth?

The worth of your case will be dependent on how severe your damages are. These include:

– Medical expenses
– Hospital bills 
– Cost of surgical procedures
– X-rays, and other imaging tests 
– Rehabilitative treatment
– Prescription drugs 
– Emotional pain and suffering
– Loss of income  
– Lost earned sick time   
– Loss of future earning capacity   
– Loss of quality of life  

The more serious your damages the higher your possible compensation will be. Speak with a knowledgeable Chatham personal injury lawyer to get a better understanding of what your case may be worth. A lawyer will be able to give you an estimate based on your damages.