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Premises liability claims are a broad category that take into account nearly any injury that occurs — at least in part — due to some dangerous condition or hazard that is present on the property. The definition of a “dangerous condition” can vary wildly, however, depending on the circumstances. For example, in a standard slip and fall case in Jersey City, NJ, you could ostensibly bring an action against the defendant for failing to clean up a liquid spill that caused you to slip and injure yourself. The spill would quite clearly constitute a dangerous condition. Similarly, in a Jersey City dog bite case, the failure of the owner to confine or otherwise restrain the dog while on the property might give you a legitimate claim under premises liability — after all, you could argue that the unrestrained dog constituted a dangerous condition of the property.

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Blume Forte Attorneys Can Assist You with a Variety of Premises Liability Claims in Jersey City, NJ

Blume Forte has nearly a century of experience handling a variety of injury claims, including those that involve premises liability issues such as slip-and-fall accidents and injuries caused by dog bites from an unconfined dog. Thanks to our long and extensive history, we are more than capable of effectively litigating claims that other firms are unfamiliar with.

Premises liability claims that we handle in Jersey City include:

Premises liability claims require that a non-obvious dangerous condition — in other words, a hazard — existed on the property and that the defendant either knew or should have known about it. If the defendant did not correct the dangerous condition, or otherwise did not warn visitors of its existence (so that it could be avoided), then you may be entitled to sue and recover damages for the losses suffered.

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About Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City is the second-largest city in New Jersey by population, with an estimated 270,753 residents. Located in the far northeast of NJ — along the banks of the Hudson River and opposite New York City — Jersey City is a transportation hub and serves as a “gateway” into the state of New Jersey.

Although Jersey City declined in economic status and population through much of the 1900s, in recent years, there has been an uptick in investment and in the general wealth and infrastructure of the city as companies (particularly finance-adjacent businesses) from NYC begin to move some of their operations to Jersey City. The waterfront has also been redeveloped, and there are plans in place to revamp many of the historic neighborhoods throughout the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jersey City Premise Liability

What Type of Hazards Are Jersey City Property Owners and Occupants Liable For?

Under New Jersey law, property owners and occupants are legally responsible for fixing any type of hazardous condition on their premises, including:

– Violations of building codes.
– Uncleared ice or snow on walkways.
– Signs or plant life that dangerously obscure drivers’ views.
– Discarded refrigerators, cars, and other objects that could be “attractive nuisances” to children.
– Toxic fumes or substances, including lead exposure.
– Vermin, unsafe structural conditions & criminal activity.
– Dogs not confined by a fence or leash.

What Type of Evidence is Needed In My Jersey City Premises Liability Case?

Premises liability claims can be difficult to prove. Attempting to prove that someone knew or should have known of hazardous conditions requires:
– Proof of how long the conditions existed
– What documentation and records were kept
– Photographs documenting the conditions
– Potentially, expert testimony