Hackensack Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers 

Skilled Personal Injury Lawyers Successfully Recover Maximum Compensation for Hackensack Slip and Fall Accident Victims 

Slip on an icy sidewalk? Fall on a broken step? Slip and fall accidents are fairly commonplace events. While sometimes pure clumsiness causes us to fall in our homes, other times it is a property owner’s negligence that causes our accident. When icy steps are not cleared, or a broken step is not repaired, the property owner can be held responsible for your accident.

At Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, we know full well the impact a slip and fall accident can have on your life — we have been representing accident victims since 1963. Our personal injury lawyers successfully recover maximum compensation for slip and fall accident victims, having recovered more verdicts and settlements over one million dollars than any other law firm in New Jersey.

What Type Of Compensation Can I Recover For My Hackensack Slip And Fall Accident? 

The losses you sustain in a slip and fall accident are called “damages”. In filing a personal injury claim for your slip and fall accident, you may seek to recover damages for any of the following losses:

  • Bills for medical treatment 
  • Hospital bills 
  • Surgical costs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Emotional pain and suffering 
  • Medical bills that are anticipated in the future for this injury 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Lost wages 
  • Lost sick time 
  • Lost earned vacation time 
  • Loss of life enjoyment 
  • Loss of companionship

Some damages —  such as bills for medical treatment — are easy to calculate. Other losses are more subjective, such as emotional pain and suffering. Those immeasurable losses will be assigned a value by the court, based on several factors. 

Statute Of Limitations For A Hackensack Slip And Fall Accident 

All states have statutes of limitations, which are laws that place time limits on an individual’s right to have a lawsuit heard in the state’s civil court system. These deadlines vary from state to state, and also differ depending upon the type of claim that is being filed. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations for slip and fall cases — which fall under the domain of personal injury law — is two years from the time the slip and fall occurred. 

If a slip and fall lawsuit is filed after this two-year deadline has passed, the New Jersey court will refuse to hear your case. There are, in very rare situations, exceptions to this deadline; if you feel you are unable to meet the statute of limitations for your slip and fall accident claim, it is best to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. 

Proving Fault In A Hackensack Slip And Fall Accident Claim 

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, from your perspective it may be obvious that the property owner was responsible. However, in most slip and fall accident claims, the other party will argue that you share some level of responsibility for the accident. They may suggest that the dangerous condition of the property was apparent, that you were alerted to the unsafe conditions with signage, that the dangerous area was cordoned off, or that you were not paying sufficient attention to where you were walking. 

If it is found that more than one party is responsible for an accident, New Jersey follows special laws known as “modified comparative fault” rules. Under modified comparative fault rules, if you are partially at fault for your accident, then the settlement or damage award you would receive will be reduced by an amount that reflects your percentage of responsibility for the accident. 

For example, suppose it is determined that you are 20 percent responsible for your slip and fall accident. If your damages total $25,000, then that amount will be reduced by 20 percent —  $5,000 — and your compensation will be reduced to $20,000. If it is determined that you are more than 50 percent responsible for your slip and fall accident, then you will not be able to recover any compensation from the other party. 

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Protect the Rights Of Slip and Fall Accident Victims in Hackensack and Across New Jersey 

When a property owner fails to cordon off a dangerous stairway in need of repair, and someone slips and falls on those stairs, the property owner can be held accountable for that person’s injuries. Making the case that the property owner’s negligence caused the accident is not always as easy as it sounds. And the process of recovering damages for your slip and fall accident can be an uphill battle. Unless you have us by your side. 

Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari is recognized as one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the state of New Jersey. Our skilled team has been representing accident victims for more than 50 years, and has recovered more verdicts and settlements over one million dollars than any other law firm in the state. 

Our firm offers a free case evaluation, where one of our accident attorneys will analyze the merits of your slip and fall claim so that you can make the most informed decision in your case. To schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Hackensack slip and fall accident attorney at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, contact our office

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About Hackensack, New Jersey 

Hackensack, New Jersey, located in Bergen County, is seven miles from the George Washington Bridge and approximately twelve miles northwest of Midtown Manhattan. Conveniently located near many roadways, Hackensack is also served by two train stations that offer frequent rail service to New York City. Home to approximately 45,000 residents, Hackensack is a diverse city that boasts both a world-renowned medical center and nationally-recognized educational institutions.

Before its settlement by the Dutch in 1693, Hackensack was the home of the Lenape Indian community. Hackensack’s rich history includes serving as a home to General George Washington during his famous 1776 retreat, while the General was headquartered there.