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Fire & Burn Injuries

Based upon recent statistics, on average, in the United States someone dies in a fire every 162 minutes, and someone is injured every 32 minutes. The majority of these severe or fatal burn injuries result from residential fires. The referenced statistics indicate that fire departments responded to 412,500 residential fires in the United States, which claimed the lives of 2,580 people and injured another 12,925 people, not including firefighters.

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When you consider that 80% of U.S. fire deaths occurred in homes, it becomes even more apparent that residential fire prevention is a paramount public safety issue. Fires started by tobacco product use are the leading cause of house fire deaths, while cooking equipment, most often stoves or barbecues, is the leading cause of residential fires and burn injuries.

Surprisingly, most victims of fires die from smoke inhalation and not from burns. However, those that survive fires, often do so with significant burn injuries and lung damage from smoke inhalation. Burn injuries can be extremely painful and costly to treat.

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Burn injuries can be classified in 3 “degrees”, which are:

  • Superficial burns (1st degree burns): a burn to the top layer of the skin. Similar to a sunburn, these types of burns usually resolve in approximately 5-7 days.
  • Partial-thickness burns (2nd degree burns): a burn to the 2nd layer of skin (the dermis). This more serious injury may result in significant scarring and may require skin grafting.
  • Full-thickness burns (3rd degree burns): burns which destroy all three layers of skin, resulting in the loss of not only the skin but also the hair follicles, sweat glands, and the layer where new skin cells are formed.


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