Newer New Jersey Homes Equal Greater Fire Risk

If you’ve recently taken a drive through Jersey City or along the coast, you probably couldn’t help but notice a voluminous amount of residential construction taking place or advertised. New homes, condos, and apartment buildings seem to sprouting up all over the State of New Jersey locations.

Many of these new structures, whether traditionally stick framed or pre-fabricated/modular homes, offer state-of-the-art technology and the latest in decorative and construction options.  However, just because a structure may be new, does not make it of better quality or safer.  In fact, many of new building technologies and the amenities they control create dangers and potential hazards typically not found with traditional building techniques.

Fire officials and experts suggest that escaping a fire in a newly constructed home may have become more difficult, with as little as three minutes to escape should a fire start; in light of the increased combustibility of some of the newer materials now utilized in construction. Atlantic City Fire Chief Scott Evans said, “With modern construction from furniture and finishings, you are seeing a lot of plastics used, a lot of polymers . . . and these chemicals burn at a higher thermal rate, a greater thermal output.”

In addition to the combustibility issue, fumes from fires which consume the referenced materials have become more toxic and dangerous to be exposed to.

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