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Compensation for Accidents Involving All-Terrain Vehicles & Quads

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are growing more and more popular. As such, the number of ATV accidents is on the rise. What’s behind the rise in all terrain vehicle accidents? Driver error, increased power, speed, and the profile of ATVs. Unfortunately, these off-road accidents can have severe consequences, leading to injury and even death.

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ATVs operation is largely unregulated by the federal government and state law. Though many car dealers offer classes on driving an ATV, drivers often opt out and drive the vehicles without adequate training. In addition, these vehicles are often used on personal property by children and young people well below driving age. A recent study showed that drivers under age 15 are more than twice as likely to overturn or lose control of their ATV.

What Are Common Causes of ATV Accidents?

The causes of all terrain vehicle accidents are varied. Driver error can be a factor, as can terrain, weather conditions, and even the presence of other ATVs. Most ATV injuries involve spinal cord and head trauma, which can lead to brain damage, neurological conditions including paralysis, and even death. These permanent injuries can affect a victim’s ability to work and participate in normal daily activities, and can cost thousands of dollars in required medical and other care.

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