New Jersey Lead Poisoning Lawyers

Lead Poisoning from Paint Exposure

Since ancient Roman times, humans have known that overexposure to lead causes irreversible brain damage, reproductive sterility and damage to many other major organs. Leaded gasoline and paint, and pipes made of lead have been banned in the United States for years, and exposure in other forms of lead is strictly regulated. Due to greed or carelessness, far too many people continue to be unnecessarily exposed to dangerously high levels of lead. According to a 2008 report by the New Jersey Public Advocate’s Office, our state has one of the highest rates of lead poisoning in the Northeast.

In addition to federal regulations that are supposed to limit our exposure to lead at home and in the workplace, New Jersey law requires landlords to tell their renters when there’s lead paint in a residence, submit to inspections, and remove lead paint in a safe manner when it’s found. Frequently, these regulations are ignored by landlords and others who’d rather save money than prevent a child’s death or lifelong disability. If you and/or your family is a victim of toxic lead exposure, you have the right to make an injury claim in New Jersey via a lead poisoning lawsuit where you can be compensated for past and future medical bills, relocation, a lifelong disability or wrongful death and other costs.

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Major sources of lead exposure in the United States include:

  • Lead paint on buildings painted before 1978, including flakes, fumes or dust from improper removal of lead paint
  • Older lead water pipes
  • Older consumer products made of lead
  • Defective modern consumer products, including toys and jewelry, many imported
  • Work in mining, smelting, refining or manufacturing and living near areas where such work is done
  • Soil in areas that once housed a gasoline tank

Lead poisoning is especially common in small children. Homes built before 1978 frequently still have lead paint, which produces easily inhaled powder or flakes, and has a sweet taste that encourages young children to eat or suck on it. Though severe exposure can be fatal; lower levels can cause brain damage with lifelong learning disabilities, behavioral and emotional problems, stunted growth and organ damage. In adults, overexposure to lead can also cause sterility, joint pain, cardiovascular problems and trouble with memory and thinking.

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