NJ Chemical Exposure Lawyers

In the course of their employment, construction workers, lab engineers, and industrial employees are often required to handle dangerous chemicals and toxic substances. By their very nature, these materials pose health hazards and as a result, their handling is often strictly regulated.

Whether a New Jersey chemical accident or exposure happens because of inappropriate safety precautions or lack of training, a worker can suffer debilitating injuries or even death from exposure to toxic chemicals. In some cases, air contamination from chemicals may initially go unnoticed as they are sometimes odorless and can go undetected for dangerously long periods of time. Common injuries and side effects that can occur from chemical or toxic exposure include a burn injury, disfigurement, internal organ damage, neurological injury, cancerbirth defects, and respiratory problems. Depending on the nature of the chemical exposed to and the amount, a worker may also immediately experience confusion and a lack of memory. Urgent medical attention is required in most cases.

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Due to potential harm that can be caused by chemical exposure, proper storage of chemicals is mandatory and the use of proper protective gear when handling chemicals is essential. Similarly, supervisors and contractors all bear the responsibility of properly training workers and providing a safe environment. Indeed, the Occupational Health and Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) publishes various guidelines related to chemical handling, chemical storage, chemical exposure and chemical hazard communications.

When a worker is harmed as a result of a chemical exposure that could have been prevented had proper safety procedures and guidelines been adhered to, they may have recourse under New Jersey law against the responsible parties. In addition to filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits from his or her employer, a worker may also have the right to pursue what is known as a 3rd party action. A 3rd party action can be filed when someone other than a worker’s employer or co-employee is responsible for causing the chemical exposure to occur. Under New Jersey law, these individuals do have the right to seek compensation for their physical pain and suffering, future lost wages, permanent disability and in some cases, emotional distress. So even if your employer is providing the benefits to which you are entitled, it is prudent to contact a skilled chemical accident lawyer to explore all of your legal options.

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Chemical exposure can be difficult and complex to pursue; however an experienced New Jersey chemical accident attorney can help you to receive a recovery that will provide compensation for you injuries, damages and losses. At Blume Forte, our attorneys have dedicated years to helping victims of construction and work accidents in New Jersey get their lives back in order after a traumatic accident. To find out more about what can be done regarding your chemical accident or exposure injuries, contact Blume Forte today for a free consultation at 973-845-4421.

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