Construction-Related Injuries from Falling Objects

Construction-Related Injuries from Falling ObjectsStatistics consistently prove that the construction industry is the most dangerous field to work in. Despite countless OSHA regulations, safety requirements and attempts to curb work-related injuries, construction remains the most dangerous due to the nature of the work these brave individuals do.

Construction-Related Accidents and Injuries in New Jersey

Falling objects are a serious hazard for construction workers. Hundreds of workers are injured each year from falling objects like poorly secured loads, handheld tools or loose construction material. OSHA statistics indicate that one of every ten construction worker deaths were the direct result of being struck by a falling object in 2013.

Construction-related accidents can result in serious injuries like disfigurement, brain damage, fractures, lacerations and even death. These accidents are most often sudden, unexpected and devastating for affected victims. The financial burden may be somewhat alleviated by workers’ compensation claims, but often the losses far exceed the amount given through workers’ compensation. In most cases, falling debris accidents can be prevented. These injuries could be avoided by securing tools, installing netting, properly inspecting all equipment and installing barricades. If your construction accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may qualify for additional compensation.

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