New Jersey Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Lawyers

Experienced Premises Liability Attorneys Represent Clients Injured in Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Accidents Across Monmouth County, Middlesex County, and Throughout NJ

Every year, snow and ice contribute to serious slip and fall accidents that cause a variety of injuries to those involved. Even though snow and ice are naturally occurring based on the weather, this does not mean that a property owner will automatically evade liability if somebody is injured on their property due to these conditions. In fact, property owners must always be on high alert of how they will be able to keep their properties safe from harm if these weather conditions take place unexpectedly.

According to accident statistics, 1 million people across America will be injured every year din slip and fall accidents. During the winter months when ice and snow tend to line the ground and sidewalks, slip and fall accidents become much more prevalent. This is why many types of property owners are expected to care for their sidewalks and other surfaces that might accumulate these winter conditions at any given time, contributing to an increase in these accidents.

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At Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, our experienced premises liability attorneys have helped many clients litigate their matters when they have suddenly fallen on properties due to snowy and icy conditions. Many New Jersey property owners fail to upkeep the conditions of their properties every year, contributing further to a growing issue that causes damages to many. Our team of experienced attorneys have handled a variety of premises liability claims in the past and will represent you every step of the way when it comes to your claim.

What Types of Injuries Can Result from These Accidents?

Some slip and fall injuries that occur on icy conditions are more serious than others. On top of that, you might find that many of these injuries might not show up right away but instead take place over time, which means that you should always ensure that you have identified all injuries and are working toward recovery before you move forward with your claim so that you are not barred from any injuries that might show up within the weeks to months following your accident. Here are just a few of the most common injuries you might sustain:

  • Head injuries from mild concussions to more serious traumatic brain injuries
  • Extensive cuts and abrasions
  • Spinal cord injuries from severance or compression
  • Broken bones

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Who is Responsible for My Slip and Fall Accident Involving Snow and Ice?

After a slip and fall accident involving snow and ice, you will be asked to show that the other party acted in a negligent manner and that is why you received injuries. When a premises liability claim involves weather conditions such as these, there could be many parties who are responsible for your injuries such as:

  • Commercial Business Owners: Business owners are expected to clear ice and snow from their properties, as they are aware of the fact that their property will be utilized by those who are receiving services. Business owners actually owe the biggest duty of care to those who enter onto their properties. All parking lots should be cleared of snow and ice as well if the business plans on opening for the day. If there are dangerous conditions, there should be warning signs that point them out.
  • Property Owners: Residential property owners are sometimes held liable in these cases as well, especially if they invited a guest over to their home. If the property owner knew that somebody was going to occupy the property or they made their property conditions worse than they originally were, you might have the right to a legal claim.
  • Local and State Governments: In some cases, municipality claims might be brought in the event that a local or state government that was responsible for clearing sidewalks or parks did not do so and it led to your injuries. If you are going to attempt to bring a claim against a government party, however, you should note that these claims are much different than your standard injury claim and that you only have approximately 90 days under New Jersey law to inform the government that you are interested in bringing your claim.

How Can Our Attorneys at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari Help in Your Time of Need?

Liability is one of the biggest determinations that you will make in any slip and fall injury claim, and it might not be something you can do on your own. This is why it is especially important to have an attorney on your side during these cold winter months when slip and fall accidents are on the rise. At Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, our premises liability attorneys have handled a wide variety of cases like yours and are dedicated to helping you receive the best results in your accident case, especially when you feel as if it took place due to the negligence of others. In New Jersey, you will be asked to present the facts and circumstances of your claim as you work toward compensation you deserve, as well as proving a party’s duty of care to you as a guest or visitor. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible for results you can rely on at 973-845-4421.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Snow and Ice Slip and Fall

FAQ: What is the reasonably safe premises rule?

In New Jersey, all businesses are expected to keep a reasonably safe premises. This means that, if you want to be successful in your claim, you have to show a variety of facts relating to the business’ knowledge of the snowy or icy conditions. You must show that the business knew or should have known about the dangerous condition, the business should have known that there was a risk of harm due to the snow or ice, and the business failed to protect all who wandered onto the property.

FAQ: How does comparative fault come into play in my slip and fall accident involving snow and ice?

Perhaps the business owner or other entity involved is claiming that it was your fault that you did not take reasonable steps to protect yourself from the snowy or icy conditions. New Jersey is a comparative fault state, which means that a property owner or other party could still be held liable for your slip and fall accident even if it did happen due to your own mistakes.