Who Is Responsible for My New Jersey Slip, Trip or Fall?

If you’ve lived in New Jersey during the transition from winter to spring, you know how easy it is to lose your footing just about anywhere. Slick snowy conditions eventually give way to a wet thawing situations, giving pedestrians little time to catch their breath. Snow banks remain piled up in the most inconvenient of spots and enormous puddles of April showers take up whole sideways.

From your driveway to your work place or even your neighborhood grocery store, there are endless places in which you could suffer a slip, trip, or fall. But if you do end up slipping and falling – who is responsible? Just about everywhere is treacherous, so how can one individual be at fault?

In legal terms, it comes down to where you fell, who owns the property, and what kind of safety responsibility they owe you. The following are just some of the slip, trip, and fall locations we have encountered over the years:

  • Private Residence – It is possible to hold a homeowner responsible for a slip, trip, and fall on their own property. This depends on the situation, but if their negligence was the direct cause of your injuries, you may have a case. This can include slippery or snowy sidewalks where the public has direct access.
  • Commercial Property – If you slip on a wet spot in a grocery store or shopping mall entrance, the owner of the building or the proprietor could be held responsible. It is up to them to maintain a safe environment for any customers passing through their doorway.
  • Public Space – Taking a fall in a public area, such as a park or municipal property, can result in the government being responsible for your injuries. But there are strict guidelines to this process and it can be difficult to prove. If you plan to make such a claim we recommend speaking with a dedicated personal injury attorney as soon as possible.


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