Council Meeting Addresses Injury Accident and Inadequate Security at Summit Tier Parking Garage

A council meeting was held recently regarding the safety of the Summit tier parking garage behind Springfield Avenue, reports The Independent Press. According to the article, the mother of a nine-year-old girl who suffered a fractured skull, concussion, and lacerations after a pipe coupling at the parking garage fell and struck her asked the Common Council what procedures are carried out to make sure the parking garage is safe. The accident involving the child is currently under investigation.

Another issue raised during the meeting related to a security camera at the parking garage that was installed in 2001, but has not been functioning. The mother of the child who was injured at the parking garage also stated at the meeting that cars have been vandalized and she’s heard that the garage’s upper level has become a place where teenagers hang out.

Money to pay for cameras and updates to the tier garage to improve safety have reportedly been put aside, according to the Parking Utilities Directory.

Municipal property owners are responsible for ensuring that appropriate precautions are taken to ensure that hazards or safety issues that pose a threat to the public who visit or use their premises is minimized. When business and municipal owners neglect this responsibility, unsuspecting patrons are in danger of suffering assault, serious injury, illness, or even death.

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