New Jersey Scalding Burn Injury Lawyers

Scalding Burn Injuries

In the United States someone suffers a burn injury every 32 minutes. One type of burn injury that people commonly sustain is scalding, and, its prevention is an important public safety issue. Scalding is a specific type of burn caused by hot fluids or gases, and most commonly occurs in the home from exposure to high temperature tap water or steam.

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Older adults and very young children are most likely to suffer from injuries due to burns and scalds because of skin characteristics related to their age. Similarly, diabetics who have lost sensitivity to temperature in their extremities, are at an increased risk to sustain a burn or be scalded. However, people of all age groups are susceptible to tap water scald injuries, which is one of the leading causes of serious burn injuries in our country. These burns are dangerous, painful, and can require significant medical and/or surgical treatment; including burned tissue removal and skin grafting. Many victims may also require psychiatric treatment for the trauma associated with disfiguring scarring.

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When burn and scald injuries are caused by someone else’s careless, reckless or deliberate behavior, victims have the right to hold them responsible for all of the damage they’ve caused — physical, emotional and economic.

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