New Jersey Failure to Diagnose Attorneys

Misdiagnosis, Delayed Misdiagnosis and Failure to Diagnose

In the course of being treated by healthcare providers for any condition, the caregiver is often called upon to determine the condition from which the patient is suffering (diagnosis). This determination is critical in order for the healthcare provider to provide correct and timely treatment.

If a healthcare provider misdiagnoses a condition, or fails to diagnose a patient’s condition properly or in a timely manner, the patient may receive ineffective treatment, contraindicated and sometimes harmful treatment, or, no treatment at all. Examples of such conditions include but are not limited to, infections, fractures, aneurysms, congenital diseases, mental illness and depression, cardiac disorders and metabolic diseases.

Failures in diagnosis may result in serious injury to or even the death of a patient.

If diagnosis is delayed, the condition may worsen; sometimes to a point where it cannot be treated properly, leaving the patient with a permanent injury. Delays in the diagnosis and treatment of certain cancers, may significantly reduce a patient’s responsiveness to treatment, affect the possibility of recurrences and spread, and, may reduce their chance of survivability. Misdiagnosis (or diagnosing the wrong condition) may also expose a person to incorrect and unnecessary treatment or tests, which could be harmful.


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