New Jersey Household Product Defect Lawyers

Compensation for Injuries Caused by Dangerous Household Products

If it’s a product that can be used in a household, you would expect it to be safe, especially if children or the elderly are present. Unfortunately, there are numerous instances of consumers being injured by substandard household cleaners/chemicals, hair dyes and treatments, cosmetics, window gates, bedding, clothing, medical equipment, paint, and numerous other products we all use in our homes.

Given these potential hazards, it is especially important that the general public be adequately warned of any potential dangers related to the use of household products, and, that they receive complete, conspicuous and clear instructions on how such products should and should not be used.

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A failure to properly protect a household product’s user from harm, or, failure to properly instruct and/or warn a consumer of potential dangers inherent in the nature and use of a product, may constitute product liability.

Blume Forte attorneys have experience in handling New Jersey defective product cases involving items found and used at home. We can evaluate whether a consumer’s injuries were the result of a product being hazardously designed, whether there was inadequate protection or guarding against those hazards, or, if the injuries were caused by other deficiencies in design, manufacture, distribution, and/or in instruction or information provided by the manufacturer or seller.

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