New Jersey Nursing Malpractice Lawyer

Nurse Malpractice & Negligence

One of the most important facets of healthcare is nursing. In a hospital setting, at an outpatient surgical center, in nursing homes, or at home, nursing care is integral to the health and well being of a patient. The level and expertise applied in nursing care may make all the difference between a complete or partial recovery, in how long a patient’s recovery may take, and in whether the patient will suffer from any complications of their condition or treatment.

Just as with physician’s and hospital’s standards, there are “rules” which govern nursing care. These rules of care are known as the standards of nursing care, and they extend through all facets of nursing practice (surgical, psychiatric, Obstetric nursing, LPN care, Nurse Anesthetist care, emergency room nursing, etc.) These standards of care are accepted within the nursing community as what would be considered reasonable nursing care and treatment. Departing from those standards would not be reasonable, could jeopardize a patient’s health or life, and, would be considered nursing negligence or malpractice. If a nurse commits medical malpractice which results in a permanent injury, monetary damages may be sought to compensate the injured patients and their families for their losses.

It should be kept in mind, that in New Jersey, there are hospitals and other healthcare facilities which are affiliated with the State of New Jersey and/or other municipal entities. Many nurses who work at or out of these facilities are therefore also state affiliated healthcare workers. There are strict time limitations within which notice of intention to bring a lawsuit against such nurses must be filed. For more information, click here: Statutes of Limitations.


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