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New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys Help Accident Victims in Morristown and Throughout Morris County, NJ

If a negligent party injured you or caused the death of a loved one in Morristown, New Jersey, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages. In addition to compensation for measurable medical expenses, you may also be entitled to compensation for lost income, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. However, being eligible and actually receiving full compensation are two different matters entirely. That is why it is important to have a knowledgeable NJ personal injury attorney who can create a strong argument on your behalf that results in full and fair compensation.

The Morristown personal injury lawyers at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari know that building a persuasive argument for compensation requires an evaluation of all relevant factors. To learn if you may be eligible to file a claim after being injured because of negligence, contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. For your convenience, our firm has an office conveniently located in Chatham, New Jersey.

Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Clients in Morristown, New Jersey

Our lawyers advocate for accident victims in claims against individuals, insurance companies, government entities, and businesses large and small. Founded in 1929, our law firm has obtained more million-dollar verdicts and settlements than any other law firm in New Jersey. Our experience and the dedication of our personal injury lawyers makes us the law firm to choose when seeking justice after negligence turned your life upside down.

Our Morristown Personal Injury Practice

Our attorneys handle personal injury lawsuits for our Morristown clients, including:

  • Morristown Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
  • Morristown Pedestrian Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Truck Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Construction Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Defective Products Lawyers
  • Morristown Bus Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Car Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Bicycle Accident Lawyers
  • Morristown Wrongful Death Lawyers
  • Morristown Premises Liability Lawyers
  • Morristown Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers have also handled cases involving:

Whatever the type of injury, clients can be assured that we will prepare their case thoroughly, consulting with medical and other experts to build the strongest possible argument for the maximum compensation possible. If the other side declines to settle, we are fully prepared to take the case to trial to obtain the resources you deserve. Whether your case is straightforward or complex, the experienced Morristown personal injury attorneys at Blume Forte have seen it all and can handle whatever arises.

Call Our NJ Attorneys About Your Morristown Personal Injury Claim for a Free Consultation

If negligence caused you injury or resulted in the death of a loved one in Morristown, NJ, call us at 973-845-4421 to schedule a free initial consultation and to learn about your rights and your legal options. You may also use our online contact form. When you discuss your case with one of our Morristown personal injury lawyers, we will evaluate the situation and talk with you about your best course of action.

About Morristown, NJ

Morristown is the county seat of Morris County, New Jersey. Morristown played a pivotal role in the American Revolution. Several of the historic sites and attractions in the community reflect that importance. The city’s population is close to 20,000. The largest employer is the Morristown Medical Center, which employs around 5,500 people. Several companies are headquartered in Morristown, including Covanta Energy, Louis Berger Group, Schindler Group, and the Morristown & Erie Railway.

In addition to a soccer cub, Morristown has several unusual sports teams, including the New Jersey Minutemen, a professional inline hockey team. Morristown also boasts a cricket club. The town has a significant Hispanic population, comprising slightly less than 30 percent of the total population. Colombian and Honduran Americans are the largest groups in this population category.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morristown Personal Injury

Why Choose Blume Forte for Your Morristown Personal Injury Case?

Our law firm has been in business since 1929, something that few other law firms can claim. During that time, we have achieved significant results for clients in Morristown and throughout New Jersey. We have been recognized by clients and peers alike for our dedicated, client-centered advocacy. We work closely with clients at every stage of the legal process, making sure that they have the information they need to make decisions about their personal injury cases.

What Is Negligence And What Role Does It Play in Morristown?

In New Jersey, negligence is the failure to meet the appropriate standard of care or act as a reasonable person should under the circumstances.

What Sort Of Personal Injury Cases Occur in Morristown?

The most common personal injury cases that can arise in a lawsuit include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents
-Caregiver Negligence
-Slip and Fall Accidents
Construction Accidents
– Playground Accidents
-Attack Injuries (human or pet-related attacks)
-Medical Malpractice
Prescription Medicine Mixups
-Public Transportation Accidents (train, busairplane)
Work-Related Accidents
Chemical Exposure
-Product Liability Accidents (failure in product design, manufacture, or use)
–Pedestrian Accidents