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Although the causes of some accidents are easily identifiable, many others are far more complex.  As an accident victim in East Orange, it can actually be difficult to know with any degree of certainty what actually caused your accident—maybe another driver was speeding or perhaps a property owner failed to fix a known hazard, causing your accident and injuries.  However, simply noting what you believe to have happened versus providing hard evidence to establish liability are very different. Identifying the cause of your accident via recognizable evidence and understanding your legal rights are two crucial components of ensuring you are fairly compensated for your injuries.  Our talented personal injury lawyers and support staff can help with both. 

At Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, you can expect your case to be handled by an experienced East Orange personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of obtaining positive results for clients throughout Essex County.  Every one of our lawyers has the tenacious work ethic, extensive knowledge of the New Jersey legal system and dedication to achieving justice for clients necessary to obtain the best possible results from a personal injury claim.  To see how we can put our legal skills to work in your personal injury case, schedule a free initial case evaluation by calling our office or contacting us online.

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We Handle All Varieties of Personal Injury Claims in East Orange, NJ

Personal injury claims in East Orange can stem from any type of injury sustained in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness.  Notwithstanding the type of accident involved, establishing that the third party was negligent requires a showing of four essential elements:

  • Duty or standard of care,
  • Breach of that duty,
  • A causal link between the breach and your accident, and
  • Compensable damages (in other words, that you suffered some type of harm).

At Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, we put our substantial resources to work in establishing these elements regardless of the type of accident involved, and have significant experience effectively handling cases involving:

  • East Orange Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
  • East Orange Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  • East Orange Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
  • East Orange Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers
  • East Orange Defective Products Lawyers
  • East Orange Wrongful Death Lawyers
  • East Orange Car Accident Lawyers
  • East Orange Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers
  • East Orange Bus Accident Lawyers
  • East Orange Pedestrian Accident Lawyers
  • East Orange Bicycle Accident Lawyers
  • East Orange Construction Accident Lawyers

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Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyers Work Tirelessly to Ease the Burden of Accident Victims in East Orange and Throughout Essex County, NJ

When you are suffering through the painful recovery that often accompanies a personal injury, our experienced East Orange personal injury lawyers will focus on your personal injury claim itself. To obtain the maximum available in monetary damages, we will:

  • Analyze the evidence to paint a clear picture detailing the cause of your accident,
  • Locate additional evidence, witnesses and expert witnesses to support your claim,
  • Work with experts to formulate a fair estimation of the future costs of your injuries,
  • Gather all documentation necessary to support reimbursement for all out-of-pocket expenses you have incurred because of the injury,
  • Communicate with you so that we can fully understand how the injury has impacted your life,
  • Complete and file all documentation, including the insurance paperwork and any necessary court filings,
  • Explain all of your options at every stage of the negotiations and trial proceedings.

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About East Orange, NJ

East Orange, located in Essex County, New Jersey, was officially organized as a separate city in 1863.  Originally a part of what is now Newark, East Orange was actually settled by a group from New Haven, Connecticut, who travelled to New Jersey in order to establish a community on the Passaic River in 1666.  Historically, East Orange was known for its large, stately residences and abundance of shade trees, many of which still line the residential streets of the several neighborhoods that comprise present-day East Orange. Today, East Orange is home to the Elmwood Branch of the East Orange Public Libraries, which is one of the few remaining Carnegie Libraries opened in 1912.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims in East Orange

FAQ: What is comparative negligence and how can it be relevant in my personal injury case?  

In some cases, the defendant in a personal injury case will try to blame the injured party for causing the accident—in fact, the injured party may have even played some role in contributing to the cause of the accident.  This does not mean that you, as the injured party, would be unable to recover compensation. Comparative (or contributory) negligence is a system where fault is apportioned between the parties. In New Jersey, the accident victim can recover compensation from the negligent party so long the victim is not found to be more at fault than that party.  For example, if $100,000 in compensation is awarded and you were found to be 30% at fault, you can still recover 70% of your compensation award. If you were found to be 51% at fault, however, you can’t recover compensation.

FAQ: Do I have to go to trial to get compensation in a personal injury case?  

Rarely.  Once we have sufficient evidence to support your claim, we can work with you to explain what a fair and reasonable settlement award would entail. Once we understand your goals, we will negotiate with the insurance company to reach a fair number.  Before resorting to trial, we can also explore mediation and arbitration options that can help resolve your case fairly without the time and expense of a trial. Trial is usually only necessary in cases where liability is hotly contested or where the client’s goal exceeds simple financial recovery—in some cases, publicly holding an entity responsible to deter future harm may be a primary concern.