New Jersey Construction Worker Injury Attorney

Construction sites can seem like another world, full of diverse and specialized tools, vehicles, and equipment, all of which are powerful and can create risks and hazards to workers and bystanders when misused due to improper training, or because of unsafe working conditions. As a result, workers and innocent bystanders can experience a wide range of injuries, and even death, when complex and demanding tasks, such as the maintenance and constructions of infrastructures, workplaces, houses, and roads are being performed.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there are over 11 million construction workers, making up about 8% of the U.S. labor force, but construction workplace death accounts for 22% of all workplace fatalities. These statistics persist despite rigid safety regulations and procedures that are meant to help keep construction workers safe as they work in confined spaces, excavation sites, or at great heights. When contractors and work site supervisors are negligent in creating and maintaining a secure working space for construction workers who utilize heavy and powerful equipment, machinery, and tools, catastrophic injuries can result.

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Some common construction accident injuries include:

New Jersey construction accidents can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, but can have a long-term devastating effect on workers and their families, creating an unplanned challenge as they cope with physical, financial, and emotional difficulties. When a construction worker suffers such serious injuries due to the negligence of a supervisor, subcontractor, contractor, or manager, the victim or their family may qualify to receive, in addition to workers’ compensation benefits, compensation for damages and financial costs associated with the injury and accident. In many cases, the compensation received for an injured construction worker helps make up for loss of wages, future medical treatment and bills, physical pain and suffering and even job retraining. A person’s life can be turned upside down by a serious construction accident and those who caused your accident should be held accountable for their negligent actions.

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Whether your construction accident injuries resulted from a welding accident, trench accident, crane accident, scaffold accident, nail gun accident, machinery accident or any other incident, the skilled New Jersey construction accident injury lawyers at Blume Forte can help. We understand that your rehabilitation is important and believe that you should not be burdened with the financial impositions that were caused by no fault of your own. Our New Jersey work injury attorneys have devoted many years to defending the rights of injured victims, and have helped many receive the compensation they need to help turn their lives around. For a free consultation, call Blume Forte today at 973-845-4421.