$1.75 Million Settlement for Electrocution Injury to Railroad Worker

  • Date: Summer/Fall 2002
  • FIRM
  • Settlement: $1.75 Million
  • Practice Areas: Railroad Accident, Unsafe Workplace

The firm settled a case against Amtrak on behalf of a railroad worker electrocuted while attempting to service a train at Newark’s Penn Station. The 34 year-old client was attempting to fix a pantograph, an apparatus that transmits electrical power from overhead wires, on top a NY bound Amtrak engine, when he was struck by 12,000 volts of current. The pantograph was loose and when the man contacted it he was injured. It was claimed that Amtrak failed to turn the current off promptly such that when the injury occurred, it caused severe burns to 12% of the client’s body, requiring six surgeries, and, the amputation of 4 toes.