New Jersey Defective Tire Lawyers

Claim for Injury Caused by Tire Failures in NJ

When a tire fails at highway speeds it drastically affects the handling and stability of an automobile. Tire failures at 55 miles per hour or more often result in complete loss of control, spin outs and even rollovers. This is especially true for SUVs and other trucks since they are already less stable than regular passenger cars. Because of the dramatic effect that tires have on vehicle safety, tire and car manufacturers are expected to design, test and manufacture tires that do not fail during normal use. Unfortunately, some tires are manufactured or designed with serious defects that lead to the injury or death of unsuspecting motorists.

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Tire Failure Lawyer Lawsuits

Also, low tire pressure is often the cause of very serious accidents. In-vehicle tire pressure monitors have been an inexpensive and available technology for many years. The use of this low cost and easy to implement technology could prevent injuries and deaths, but many manufacturers still do not install them in all of their cars and trucks.

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