NJ Electrical Accident Attorneys

Electrical Accidents and Electrocution

Our society is highly dependent on electricity; and entire careers are based on its supply, maintenance and usage. However, along with electricity’s great advantages come serious risks, including electrocution. Electrocution accidents can happen in seconds, and cause injuries and health problems that affect a person for the rest of his or her life. Such injuries include minor to severe burns, nerve damage, shock, neurological effects, loss of consciousness, heart failure, and even death. When a New Jersey electrocution accident occurs at work, which is not uncommon in the construction and engineering industries, an employee may be able to obtain compensation. These electrical injuries often result from direct negligence of a site owner, architect, contractor, or other employer despite the existence of well-established OSHA safety standard regulations.

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Electrocution accidents can also be caused by improper safety training, inaccurate wiring of electrical equipment, and defective electrical equipment. In addition, electricity is used in a number of professions that require direct contact with circuit components, cable harnesses, and overhead lines. Even salespeople or office employees who work with electricity indirectly can be put at risk of suffering from electrical hazards.


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