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Millions of elderly individuals now live in assisted living facilities, which are different from nursing home facilities across New Jersey. One of the main differences between an assisted living facility and nursing home facility is the fact that those in assisted living tend to be more capable of handling everyday activities on their own such as grooming, eating, and moving from place to place without much assistance. However, despite this fact, assisted living patients are just as likely to be neglected or abused by those who are supposed to care for them.

You might have been feeling concerned about moving your loved one into an assisted care facility but perhaps you were promised that they would be properly cared for on both emotional and physical levels so that you had the promise they would be kept safe from harm and be able to continue to enjoy their daily activities. However, over time, you might have noticed that your loved one does not seem to be getting the same care in the living facility as was promised to you. Now you have to face the painful truth that your loved one might have fallen victim to abuse or neglect and wonder how you can move forward with a claim on your loved one’s behalf. Our experienced attorneys at Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari help these vulnerable parties every day, standing up for their rights and protecting them based on New Jersey laws. We are here for you in your time of need.

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Your Loved One Might Be at Risk for a High Level of Abuse

Unfortunately, you might come to find that assisted living facility residents are extremely vulnerable to varying types of abuse inside these facilities. If a loved one is in need of care based on their condition or health, they are prone to abuse by those who are not looking out for their well-being. Staff members are fully liable to upholding their duty and protecting those from harm who are in these care facilities for numerous reasons. These include aspects of care such as properly supervising all residents, preventing illness and injury, and making loved ones feel welcome and able within the walls of the facility. Sometimes, abuse takes place over time and can include aspects such as:

  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Improper medication administration
  • Failing to provide loved ones with adequate food and water
  • Failing to protect loved ones from falls
  • Failing to treat or report illnesses and injuries
  • Improperly monitoring patients

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In some cases, abuse and neglect of patients in these care facilities takes place when somebody is intentionally trying to cause your loved one harm. In other cases, it might take place when staff has not received proper training on how to care for elderly patients or when they are vastly understaffed and incapable of giving proper care to all patients within their jurisdiction. Abuse and neglect can have long-term consequences, which is why it is important to work quickly to identify the issue and further investigate what has happened to your loved one.

Various Types of Abuse That Occur in Assisted Living Facilities

Many people believe that the only types of abuse that happen in assisted living facilities are those that they can see on the surface and those that cause injuries. Here are a few forms of abuse that take place in these facilities every day:

  • Physical Abuse: Physical abuse consists of various physical attacks that take place against a loved one in a care facility. They can include scratching and biting or even the threat of physical violence against an individual. Some other types of physical abuse that we don’t always think of off the bat include restraining an individual, keeping their food from them, and over administering their medication or failing to administer it at all.
  • Emotional Abuse: Your loved one might already be in a vulnerable emotional state since the decision has been made to put them in assisted living. They might be feeling lost and alone, which puts them in a position where they are most vulnerable to emotional abuse by a caregiver. Sometimes, caregivers engage in yelling, harassing, and bullying your loved one as a way to show them that they have power over them. If you believe that your loved one is being taken advantage of on an emotional level, it is time to take your case to an attorney.
  • Financial Abuse: Assisted living facilities sometimes sometimes have control over your loved one’s finances to some extent. Staff members who enjoy this control over these finances and even steal from vulnerable elderly people might try to bribe loved ones or even steal from them, believing that they will never be caught since they are in full control.
  • Sexual Abuse: You might have not considered the fact that sexual abuse can take place in assisted living settings, but it continues to occur in New Jersey every year, putting elderly people at risk. Unfortunately, this heinous type of abuse targets everyone, including those with memory problems and mental health issues who might not understand the abuse that is taking place against them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Living Neglect and Abuse

FAQ: I believe that my loved one was abused or neglected by assisted living staff. Should I just speak with the assisted living facility about the abuse or neglect?

Though it is always important to bring the abuse or neglect up to the assisted living facility, you should always take your case to police and an experienced attorney as well, as you never know if a facility will attempt to cover up the abuse and pretend as if it never happened instead of treating the issue at its roots. Through a police investigation, you will be able to prevent further neglectful actions that could happen in the facility.

FAQ: The assisted living facility that led to my loved one’s abuse used understaffing as an excuse and claimed that they are attempting to train and hire more staff. Should I let the issue go?

No, you should always report the abuse or neglect. Understaffing is no excuse for instances of abuse or neglect to take place within a care facility and those who caused your loved one and others harm should always be investigated so that the abuse does not continue in the future, putting innocent loved ones at risk. We will fight to hold an assisted living facility liable if they have engaged in negligent acts that should have been prevented from the start.