New Jersey Nail Gun Injury Lawyers

Compensation for Nail Gun Injuries

Nail guns help a construction job get done more efficiently and effectively; however, along with their benefits and increase in use and popularity, nail gun operation brings about the risk of significant injury to its users and to other persons working in the area. Anyone who has used a nail gun knows how quick and powerful they can be. Nail guns are capable of shooting nails into extremely rigid surfaces such as concrete and steel; therefore, it’s no surprise that a nail gun accident involving human skin and tissue can result in severe injury and even death to workers.

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A nail gun operates by using a cartridge filled with explosive material that drives nails into their designated spot. Nail gun accidents in New Jersey are often caused by human error or improper training and use. When a nail gun is used without proper precautions or is errantly aimed in the direction of another worker, it can result in nerve damage, injury to various body organs and parts, lacerations, eye injuries, fractures from nail penetration, puncture wounds, and brain injuries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), during the years of 2001 and 2005, there was a yearly average of 22,000 nail gun injuries that were work related. Whether a nail gun accident results from faulty equipment, an unsafe workplace environment, or the negligence of another contractor, a nail gun victim has rights and may be able to seek monetary compensation for their injuries, damages and losses. Many victims of nail gun accidents are so seriously injured that they are neither able to return to the same occupation, nor have the resources to pay for the cost of vocational rehabilitation and job retraining.

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