New Jersey Testicular Torsion Attorneys

What is Testicular Torsion?

Normal human male anatomy relative to the testicular region includes a certain amount of soft tissue surrounding the testes and their adjoining structures. One of the functions of that surrounding tissue is to ensure that there will not be a “torsion” or twisting of the testes which might compromise the health of one or both testicles. A deficiency of or defect in those surrounding tissues may cause a testicular torsion to occur, possibly resulting in a lack or complete loss of blood supply to the testicles. Once the blood supply is compromised, the testicular tissue can die, resulting in the loss of one or both testicles. If both testicles are lost, there will be a significant cosmetic deformity, loss of fertility and sexual function, and a need for lifetime hormone therapy due to a lack of testosterone.

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Once diagnosed, the treating healthcare provider will ordinarily perform surgery to reverse the torsion and help prevent recurrent torsion by affixing (“tacking”) the affected (and unaffected) testicle to the wall of the scrotum with sutures.


A failure to appreciate the need for surgical treatment could result in the loss of the affected testicle. In addition, inadequately securing the testicles to the wall of the scrotum (both the affected and the unaffected testicle), can result in recurrent torsion and the loss of one or both testicles. Finally, care must be taken not to injure the testicles or their blood supply during the “tacking” procedure, as this may also result in compromised blood flow to the testicles and their potential loss.

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