Who Can Be Held Liable for an Accident with a City or Municipal Bus in New Jersey?

Accidents that involve city buses occur much less frequently than those between other types of motor vehicles. However, the resulting injuries can be quite severe.

Safety concerns when riding buses include:

  • Passengers on buses do not have restraints such as safety belts, and are often required to stand when the bus’s seats are fully occupied.
  • Passengers may move about a bus before it comes to a full stop, in an effort to proceed to exits when the bus is approaching their stop.
  • Buses are more likely to tip over than other smaller vehicles. While instances of bus-related accidents are low, injury and fatality rates associated with them are quite high.

When a bus accident occurs, it is important that those injured seek the help of a New Jersey bus accident attorney who specializes in these kinds of cases. Attorneys with experience handling these types of claims will be able to determine the parties at fault and pursue claims accordingly.

Drivers in vehicles, other than the bus itself, are often responsible for accidents with city buses and can therefore be held liable for injuries or damages that occur.  Another driver may fail to operate their vehicle properly and cause a collision with a bus, or, they may operate a vehicle in such a way that it causes a city bus to have an accident or roll over.

In some instances the bus driver may be liable for failing to operate the bus in a safe manner and in accordance with applicable laws and the “rules of the road”.

In addition, the bus company and/or the municipality or agency which sub-contracts the bus company’s services may be liable if the bus was in disrepair, and if such condition precipitated an accident. Motor vehicle maintenance companies contracted to keep the buses in proper and safe operating condition may also be responsible.

It is important to seek immediate medical attention after being injured in an accident involving a city bus. In New Jersey, there are often short periods of time during which an injured person must file a “Notice of Claim” against various State and/or municipal entities.  A failure to file those notices timely/appropriately may result in a person losing their rights to pursue litigation for compensation surrounding their injuries and other losses.

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