Errors That Occur During Surgery

There are risks associated with all types of surgeries. However, these risks can be significantly increased, and may result in injuries, if those providing surgical care fail to adhere to the required standards of care. Negligence by surgeons, anesthesiologists, or hospital staff members can have significant consequences for patients.

Here are just a few examples of surgical errors:

  • Anesthesia errors: Mistakes made during operating room table positioning and  the administration of anesthesia or monitoring during surgery.  These errors can result in nerve injuries, brain injuries or death.
  • Nerve damage: If nerves are unnecessarily severed or traumatized during surgery, it could result in a lifetime of motor dysfunction and other disabilities.
  • Laceration of the colon or bladder: During abdominal and/or pelvic surgeries, there is the potential for the bladder or bowel to get perforated. If these conditions go undiagnosed and/or are not timely treated, a patient may succumb to profound sepsis (or infection) which may cause stroke, heart attack, respiratory failure, loss of bowel and a host of other severe conditions which may render a patient significantly disabled.
  • Surgical instruments left in body: Extreme pain, infections, and even death can result if scalpels, clamps, pads, gauze or other items used during surgery are left inside the patient’s body after surgery.

According to research studies, at least 4,000 adverse events, also known as “never events,” occur each year during surgery. A never event is one that should never occur. About 39 times a week, a surgeon leaves an object inside a patient, and about 20 times a week, surgeons perform the wrong surgery or operate on the wrong body part.

Victims of surgical errors have the right to pursue monetary compensation for their losses by filing a medical malpractice claim. These claims can help provide the support a patient or his or her family needs to recover financially and emotionally.

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