The Risks and Dangers of Surgical Negligence

When we go to a doctor or other healthcare provider, we put our trust in them to make our health and well-being a priority, and to provide us with treatment within the standards of care practiced by the medical community. However, despite their special knowledge, skills and training, healthcare providers often deviate from the standards of care and make avoidable errors. Some deviations do not result in injury to the patient. However, if a serious injury does occur, it may be grounds for a medical negligence or malpractice claim.

Undergoing surgery can be a very stressful experience, but knowing you’re in the hands of trained healthcare professionals typically should be a source of comfort. Certain careless and negligent acts and/or omissions on behalf of healthcare providers during surgical treatment may result in significant life-altering conditions and injuries and may precipitate a New Jersey surgical malpractice case.


  • Surgery on the wrong patient
  • Surgery on the wrong body part
  • Avoidable errors during surgery resulting in organ and nerve injuries
  • Unintentionally leaving an object or medical device inside a patient during surgery
  • Anesthesiology malpractice resulting in heart attacks and stroke or brain injury
  • Delays in performing or during surgery resulting in worsened conditions and permanent injury
  • Performance of contraindicated or unnecessary surgical procedures
  • Use of improper prostheses or surgical/medical devices and drugs


In a 2012 study conducted at Johns Hopkins University researching surgical malpractice claims, it was found that more than 4,000 surgical mishaps occur every year. This study specifically addressed events which “never” should occur; though there are tens of thousands of other serious medical negligence events every year. The study noted that on average, the surgery on the wrong body part was performed 20 times a week, a foreign object was left in a patient 39 times a week, and the incorrect surgery was performed 20 times a week.


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