New Jersey Fire Originates from Mattress, Two Suffer Burn Injuries

A mother and her son sustained severe burn injuries in a New Jersey fire which apparently originated on a bedroom mattress. According to a news report in The Times of Trenton, the fire occurred in a home on Allison Road in East Windsor. The 42-year-old son and his 69-year-old mother were seriously burned when the son’s mattress caught fire. The son sustained severe burns to his lower extremities and is in critical condition while his mother is listed in stable condition. It is unclear from the report what caused the fire and if the flammability of the mattress played a significant role in the injuries sustained.

Mattress and bedding fires often lead to serious injury or fatalities. The 1973 Federal Standard for the Flammability of Mattresses was created to reduce the incidence of mattress fires and related injuries. Defective products such as mattresses that do not comport with flammability standards can cause larger, more rapidly spreading fires; and, can serious personal injuries or fatalities.

Victims of defective products, including mattresses, bedding and sleepwear, should consult with an experienced New Jersey product liability lawyer who will work with investigators to help determine if liability rests with the products’ designers, manufacturers, and/or distributors. Those injured in such cases have the potential to obtain compensation for scarring, physical pain, disability, disfigurement and suffering, unpaid medical expenses and lost earnings

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