North Wildwood Boiler Explosion Causes Burn Injury to Resident

A boiler tank explosion occurred in December 2010 and caused a burn injury to a North Wildwood, New Jersey resident, according to an article in The Cape May County Herald. Steam pressure built up in the tank, which caused it to shoot through the wall of an apartment building into the neighboring building, causing significant damage to both structures. A man in his 60s was taken to the Cape Regional Medical Center for treatment of second degree burns. While the boiler explosion did not cause a fire, fire fighters from both North Wildwood stations were dispatched to respond to the emergency.

Where a piece of equipment, such as a boiler tank, malfunctions, or, is not properly monitored or maintained, and, an explosion occurs, the responsible parties may be held legally responsible for their negligent conduct and any resulting injuries or property damage.

Burn injuries in New Jersey, whether resulting from exposure to fire, steam, chemicals, or another source, are painful and can result in permanent scarring and disfigurement. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), scalding burns, which are typically attributed to hot liquid or steam, account for 33 to 58 percent of all burn patient admissions in the United States. Additionally, individuals aged 65 and older often require more extensive treatment for burns than a younger person since age related health issues play a role in healing and recovery time.

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