$1,375,000 Settlement | Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Date: June 2015
  • Attorney: Kenneth W. Elwood
  • Settlement: $1,375,000
  • Practice Areas: Motor Vehicle Accidents

Harvey Saleh-Crespo was rear-ended by a commercial truck on in June of 2015, on Route 80. He initially suffered injuries to his right shoulder and cervical spine and eventually sought treatment with pain management injections, physical therapy and chiropractic care. MRIos of the cervical spine indicated central disc protrusion and stenosis atC4-CS and C5-C6. On August 15,

2015, he underwent cervical medial branch blocks at those levels. During that procedure he suffered an acute hypoxic respiratory failure resulting in a month long admission to St. Joseph’s Hospital with an eventual diagnosis of acute respiratory failure and anoxic encephalopathy resulting in impaired balance and gait. He underwent extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy but is not expected to return to his former employment as a commercial truck driver.