$600,000 Settlement for Construction Accident Wrongful Death

Blume Donnelly partner David M. Fried represented the estate and family of an unmarried 23-year-old man with no children. The man died in a construction accident. The man was employed by a company involved in the removal of old windows and installation of new windows as part of an overall improvement program at a school in Newark, New Jersey.

The first windows to be installed were in very close proximity to electrical wires from an outside pole going into the building. This dangerous condition was known to the general contractor for the renovation job, as well as to the company which fabricated the windows. There was no attempt to contact the electric company to shut off electrical service, although that is required when work will be performed within 10 feet of energized wires.

The decedent was in a classroom attempting to install an aluminum framed window when it came in contact with the electrical wire. Since he was not grounded, the electricity passed through his body, resulting in his immediate death.

The case settled following mediation.