$212,500 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

The firm was contacted four weeks before the Statute of Limitations was due to expire on a middle age women’s automobile accident case. Her prior lawyer was recommending that she accept the $10,000 being offered pre-suit on the case, citing that the “lawsuit threshold” limitations of her automobile insurance coverage applied to her accident. The client was in a traumatic accident and sustained a closed head injury but received very little medical treatment for the two years following her accident. The client’s main complaint was slight loss of hearing in one ear, but at the point she came to the firm (almost 2 years after the accident), only one hearing exam had been done and no baseline hearing levels were obtained. The firm started pursuing the claim from scratch and obtained an orthopedic evaluation regarding our client’s soft tissue injuries, a neuro-psychologist evaluation for her head injury, and sent the client for aggressive hearing studies which suggested that the client had hearing loss in one ear alleged to have been caused by the accident. The case resolved right before trial for $212,500.