$460,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

John Molinari represented a 61-year-old man who was driving a car that was struck by another car that disregarded a stop sign and made a left turn in front of him. He sustained serious injuries, including a lumbar herniated disc, lumbar bulges, and lumbosacral radiculopathy requiring epidural injections and a laminectomy. He also sustained head trauma which resulted in a diagnosis of cognitive disorder, chronic pain syndrome, depression, and psychological adjustment disorder. Due to the head trauma, he was unable to continue to work as a senior claims analyst on a permanent basis. He was forced to apply for disability and suffered a loss in wages.

The defendant driver only had limited liability coverage of $25,000 that was offered and accepted and the case proceeded on an underinsured motorist claim. At the completion of discovery and just before trial, the case settled for an additional $435,000 from NJM Insurance Company, increasing the total settlement to $460,000.